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August 4, 2012
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Nordics x Little!Reader
Don't Mess With Mama Sweden

"Hey, (Name). You know I'm a country right?"

A four year old (Name) stares up at her proclaimed big brother Sealand. She blinks in amazement.
"Wow really big brother? You are?!" She cries out.

"Yup!" replies Sealand, proudly placing a fist on his chest. "Your big brother is a very powerful nation! Even better than England!"

"That's so cool big brother!!!" (Name)'s exitement then faded, "But why aren't you in the room with Mommy and Daddy and everyone?" (Name) cocked her head to one side as Sealand thought for a moment.

"Well, it's because..." started Sealand. His smile returned when he had a thought. "It's because of the big bad eyebrow monster! He doesn't want me to defeat him and stop his evil plans so he kicked me out!" (Name)'s eyes widened in shock.

"Oh no! Not the big bad eyebrow monster!" She cried knowingly. The 'Big bad eyebrow monster' as Sealand would call it, was a very common antagonist in (Name)'s adventures with Sealand. Often their games would be to pull pranks on the monster which got the two of them into trouble with a certain Englishman. Sealand frowned.

"Yes that idiotic jerk." He says sadly. All of a sudden he got an idea, "(Name)! You can help me defeat him! Just like how we used to before we were stopped by your parents.

"I can? But won't Mommy and Daddy get angry?" asks (Name) worriedly. Sealand chuckles before patting the small child's head. "Silly (Name). We're doing this for the good of the world. Come on let's go!" (Name) grabbed hold of Sealand's arm as the two of them sneaked down the corridors towards the world meeting room.

"Wait! Big brother look! An ice cream van!" (Name) and Sealand stop as they look out the window. Sure enough, there was an ice cream van down the street. "Can we go buy some? Please! Please!" Sealand thinks for a moment before glancing back at the ice cream van. 

"Okay. But then we'll go after the eyebrow monster." Says Sealand. (Name) giggles happily before dragging the self-declaring nation down to the street.

"(Name) you have to stay close to me okay? I'll get into trouble if you're lost so-" But Sealand was cut off by a huge crowd walking around them. Sealand paused and stood still, he gripped the sleeve of (Name)'s jacket to keep her from wandering off. He stood waiting for the crowd to pass. Once the crowd disappeared, Sealand began walking again but stopped. He lifted his hand and held up (Name)'s jacket, but the child was no where in sight. "....." Sealand said nothing before dashing back towards the meeting building.

"I say we create a giant robot to eat up all of the evil trash in the world, that way the earth will be all squeaky clean! Oh and no one is supposed to disagree with me!" Cried America. The other nations in the room groaned.

"I agree with America-sa...." Stated Japan, but before he could finish the door burts open.

"Trouble!!" cried Sealand. England sighed and walked up to Sealand.

"Sealand, this is a every important meeting. Why don't you just go home and watch anime?" He says but Sealand shoves England aside and runs up to the Nordic nations.

"(Name)'s missing!" He cried, "We were going to buy ice cream bu--"

"Ice cream?!" 

"Shut up America!"

Finland placed a hand on Sealand's shoulder. "Where exactly were you?" He asks.

Sealand tears up but hastily wipes his eyes, "We were just a few blocks down. There was a huge crowd so I held onto her jacket...." Sealand sniffed as he held back tears, "When the crowd was gone, I couldn't see her anywhere!!" Sealand chocked on his sobs. Iceland handed Sealand a glass of water. He drank up the water and wiped his tears. The entire meeting room was silent for a while.

"Well then..." spoke Germany, "I suggest we end the meeting early and help look for (Name). All those in favour of the idea raise their hands." As soon as Germany spoke, Sweden abruptly stood up and headed towards the door.

"Hey Sve!" called out Iceland, "Where are you going?

"T' f'nd my b'by. (To find my baby)" States Sweden bluntly. He strode through the door and headed down the street.

When Sweden left, Denmark whistled. "Woooo~wee! Talk about 'Mama Sweden." He muses.

Down at the streets, Sweden walked around the blocks as he kept his eye out for his little (Name). She was only four years old; an innocent child. (Name) was smart for her age but she never went out alone. Sweden clenched his fists tightly, he worried about his darling. 

"Su-san!" Sweden turned to see Finland running towards him. "Let me help Su-san! She's my baby too." Sweden grunted in response. The two of them walked around, making sure that they didn't miss any place where their daughter could be.

"Excuse me, have you seen a little girl about this height with (h/l) (h/c) and (e/c) walking around here? Oh okay, thank you."

"Um, excuse me, I'm looking for a little girl with..."

Finland and Sweden looked and looked. Finland would occasionally stop and ask people if they saw (Name) but no avail. They stopped at every place she liked, wondering how far she got. 

"Oh Su-san..." Spoke Finland worried, "What if something bad happened to (Name). I can't imagine what I'll do if something happens to our sweetheart!" Finland clutches Sweden's sleeve with tears in his eyes. "We have to find her Su-san! We just have to!!" Finland shakes Sweden in panic while Sweden stays silent. He didn't know what he would do either if something bad happened, but he couldn't let himself think that way. "Su-san! I am such a bad father!!" Sweden then grabbed Finland and shook him lightly. Finland stopped his cries and stared at Sweden in shock. "Su-san..." He says quietly. Sweden silently stares at Finland, waiting for him to pull himself together. Finland then chuckles confusing Sweden. He let Finland go and was greeted by a handkerchief from the Finnish man. "You're crying Su-san." He says, "More than I was earlier." Sweden blinked before feeling tears rolling down his cheeks. He gratefully takes the handkerchief and wipes away his tears.

"Th'nks." He said. Finland smiles.

"I didn't think I'd see Su-san cry like that. You really love (Name) too don't you?" asks Finland, although he was mostly speaking to himself rather than to Sweden. The pair stood for a while in their thoughts but were surprised to hear the cry of a little girl coming from the park. Finland and Sweden looked at each other, eyes widening. 


"Waaaa! You meanies go away! Mommy! Daddy!" cried (Name). She stood in a corner crying while two burly men advanced towards her.

"Now now sweetheart, we're not going to hurt you."

"Yeah, we're just going to play with you for a bit that's all."

(Name) cried and cried, her volume increasing. "Mommy! Daddy!"

All of a sudden the two men were hauled to one side. The two of them collapsed onto each other in surprise as a tall figure scooped up little (Name) into their arms.

"What the--" They cried. The men stood up and dusted themselves off. "You're an idiot if you think you can fight us off!" They then froze when they found themselves being stared down by a very, VERY angry Sweden. The men gulped before backing off but they were blocked by an equally angry Finland. 

"I wouldn't mess with Su-san if I were you." He said, "He's pretty strong." The men then grew angry at the thought of being beaten so they launched themselves at Finland who dodged the attack, leaving the path open for them to escape. "Ah!" cried Finland, "They're getting away!" Sweden nodded before placing a sobbing (Name) into Finland's arms. Finland watched as Sweden took of after the men.

"Daddy!" cried (Name). She buried herself into Finland who held her tightly, gently stroking her hair. 

"It's alright sweetheart." He said, his voice shaking slightly as he fought off tears, "Daddy's here."

Sweden quickly managed to catch up to the men who attempted to fight Sweden. At first Sweden dodged them for he didn't want to fight men smaller than him. But when he heard what the men were going to do to his little girl he grew furious and fought them off. Sweden then grabbed the two by their collars.

"D'n't 'v'r t''ch my b'by 'g''n. (Don't ever touch my baby again.)" He said. He released the men and they ran off like dogs with their tail between their legs. Sweden then walked back towards Finland and (Name) who ran up to him eagerly.

"Mommy!" cried (Name). Sweden picked her up and held her tightly in his arms as she cried. 

"Su-san what happened?" Asked Finland, noticing the bruised on Sweden, "You're hurt." (Name)'a cries worsened when she heard that her beloved mommy got hurt. Sweden placed a small, subtle kiss on the child's head before holding her close to him.

"L't's g' h'm' F'nl'nd. (Let's go home Finland)" Says Sweden. Finland nods and they make their way home.

--Later That Night--

"Man! I should've been there! It must have been awesome to see Sweden kick butt like that!" Cried Denmark as he chugged on a mug of beer. He slams the empty mug on the dining room table and wipes his mouth with his sleeve, "I'm so glad you're okay though (Name)! I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my favourite niece!"

"She's your only niece." States Norway, "And what did I say about drinking in front of (Name)? Don't do it."

"Just give up on that Norge." Says Iceland, "You know Den's never going to stop drinking, in front of (Name) or not."

".......Big brother." Replies Norway. Iceland groans.

"Give up on THAT too. That's never gonna happen."

As the two brothers bickered, Sealand walks up to (Name) who was sitting in Finland's lap, playing with Hanatamago while Sweden was off in the house somewhere

"(Name), I'm sorry for losing you like that. I'll make sure you don't get lost next time!" Says Sealand determinedly. (Name) looks up at Sealand.

"It's okay!" She cries happily, "Mommy and Daddy saved me! Please don't worry big brother!" Sealand smiles widely but blushes when (Name) gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"See?" Says Norway, "Why can't you say 'big brother' like (Name)?" 

"I'm not four! Stop bugging me about it!" cries Iceland. Finland chuckles.

"No matter what happens everything is still the same as it was before." He says. Sweden then walks into the living room with his usual stoic face. He watches as Denmark drunkenly walks towards Sweden; swinging an arm around Sweden's neck.

"Hahaha! You sure showed those guys who's boss eh Susan?" Laughs Denmark before producing a loud hiccup. Sweden stays silent as he removes Denmark's arm from around him.

"Susan? Mommy's name is Susan?" Asks (Name). "I though he is Sweden?"

"Nah!" cries Denmark, "It's Susan." Denmark hiccups one more time before slumping to the floor in a fit of giggles. Sweden glares at Denmark as he passes out into the floor. He grabs a marker and gives it to (Name).

"What is it Mommy?" She asks. Sweden points to Denmark.

"Dr'w. (Draw)" He says. (Name) giggles before making her way to Denmark, her marker ready for action.

".....A mother's wrath is pretty scary." States Iceland as he watches little (Name).

"Denmark's an idiot." Says Norway. Finland chuckles nervously but stops when Sweden places a hand on Finland.

"Y''r' ' g''d f'th'r. (You're a good father)" He says. Finland's eyes widen before they soften with the Finnish man's smile.

"Su-san." He says, "Thank you."

(Extended Ending)
--The Next Morning--

Denmark stretched and yawned before sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "Ugh! My head hurts...why am I on the sofa?" He says. He slowly gets up from the sofa and makes his way to the bathroom to wash his face. When he did, he was greeted by a rather handsome young man with a curly mustache and a beard that even rivals France's. The young man had dashing swirls and scribbles all over their face and on his forehead, the words "Denmark's An Idiot- Norway" in big beautiful letters. The whole house was then woken by a loud shrieking alarm clock, that sounded exactly like Denmark's yells echoing throughout the house.

Bet you didn't think I was going to write a little sequel didn't you? Hehehe me neither but when I thought of Mama Sweden....
Again, apologise for OOCness hehe.....and Denmark's face...

Denmark: My gorgeous face!! What happened?
Me: The real question is...will it come off?
Denmark: You mean to say that you don't know if the ink's permanent or not?!
Me: Yeah. Pretty much.
Denmark: Aww man! I could be stuck with "Denmark is an idiot" on my face for the rest of my life!! (And I bet Norgie wrote it too!!)
Me: *Thumbs up* Well I think it's beautiful!
Denmark: (T^T)

Yup. Oh and on a side note, a mother's love is something not to be trifled with no? :3
Mama Su-san ftw xDD

See how you first came into the family in "Finland's Little Girl!" right here: [link]

Also, see how I redeem myself and earn Denmark's forgiveness for the marker incident in "The Awesomeness Of Uncle Denmark" right here: [link]

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
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Oh, I noticed in the 5th season of Hetalia they change Denmark's voice. He sounds just like a teenager from America. XD No accent at all!
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